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Solar Panel Financing Options

Austin Solar Panel Installation for Residential & Commercial Clients

The solar financing market is rapidly evolving with new and innovative solutions becoming available almost monthly. To get the best information on what is currently available for your project, we recommend speaking with our Technical Sales Engineers, who are always well versed on the latest products and the specifics of how to apply them to your project.

Below are some solar financing products we’ve used to successfully for our customers.


  • NYSERDA’s GJGNY (Green Jobs Green New York): reduced-interest rate Solar Loans for New York State residents.
  • Tax Credit Loans: Zero down, and zero-interest bridge loans for covering the value of State and Federal tax credits.
  • Solar Loans: Competitive interest rates with terms of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Same as cash, zero down tax credit loans can be combined with the solar loan.


  • PACE Financing: An innovative form of financing called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. Under the PACE financing model, a commercial property owner opts to pay for energy improvements by authorizing the municipality where the property is located to add a special tax charge to the property (a “Financing Charge”) for that purpose.
  • Commercial solar loans: For businesses who want to own their solar systems. Commercial financing experts utilize multiple loan products, including SBA loans, to create customized financing options.
  • Tax Leases: Financing by which renewable energy tax incentives and depreciation are monetized to create negative interest rate financing. As a “tax lease,” payments are level and predictable throughout the 60 or 84-month term and may qualify as an operating expense (ask your CPA). Most appropriate for businesses that lack the required tax liability capacity.

Through various financing options, switching to solar has become easier than in the past. Learn more about your options by calling our Austin solar panel experts.

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